“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”


  • New classes at Once Upon A Farm… in Halifax.
  • ages 10-12
  • Creative Writing (A Way with Words) 10-12:00 (Kristen)
  • Lunch & play 12-1:00
  • The Big Picture 1-2:30 (Anna)
  • fee: $20 for A Way with Words and a donation of any amount for The Big Picture. All money will be donated to ConcernWorldwide www.ConcernUSA.org

A Way with Words is a creative writing class I have been offering from my small farm for 2 years. The group has grown gradually and this fall we will start our third year together. Because it’s been such a great learning experience for myself & the kids, I’ve decided to plan another day for younger children.

In A Way with Words, children will have the opportunity to share their writings win a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, receiving feedback from their peers. I have found that many children write a great deal on their own time, while others flourish during our “independent writing” time here. Whatever works best for each child will be encouraged.

Every week will include time outdoors exploring nature & interacting with our animals for inspiration.  Mini-lessons to help young writers generate and organize ideas will also be laced in.


The Big Picture will be taught by my daughter Anna, who is in her last year of homeschooling. The goal of this class is to help students understand the global education crisis around the world, using interactive and movement-based activities. 

    Through group and individual projects and fun, interactive activities, students will explore the causes and consequences of emerging global issues, and find possible solutions. We will learn about specific underdeveloped nations, and find ways in which to combat lack of access to education around the world. Each week we will focus on one lesson from the Global Concerns Classroom materials. Some topics include: Local vs. Global - Education in the U.S. and Around the World, Making Education for All a Reality and Exploring Barriers and Solutions. The class will be extremely interactive, involving movement, art and creativity. 

    Students will also use creative/artistic methods to share one global issue they have learned about throughout the eight weeks, to be performed/showcased at the last week of class. Students may create and rehearse a short skit with classmates, write a short story or poem, draw or paint a picture, put together a collage, or find their own unique and distinct way of exhibiting what they have learned. Parents are invited to attend this event on December 6th.

Anna's Bio:

After returning from a Field Visit to Malawi, Africa, I have decided to channel what I have learned into a fun, creative class for students ages 10-12. I am a homeschooled high school senior, and I have taken community college courses at Massasoit Community College for a year now. I am extremely passionate about theatre, and have been involved in shows since a very young age. After I graduate homeschool in May of 2018, I hope to attend college for Theatre and American Sign Language. 

    My interests in global issues began when I decided to take part in a Model UN class, offered at our Homeschool Cooperative Group. In the class, we used a curriculum called Global Concerns Classroom, the educational arm of Concern Worldwide, an incredible NGO currently working in 29 countries. Through GCC, I attended a Global Youth Summit, where I analyzed and found solutions to complex emergencies in underdeveloped nations. After the Summit, our class worked on a Community Action Plan, focusing on refugee awareness. We held a bake sale in which we raised close to $200, also teaching a short lesson about displaced persons to young kids. After we completed the project, we showcased our plan to other students in the U.S. via Skype. 

    From there, I was able to apply for a Field Visit through Concern Worldwide, to travel to Malawi, Africa, and learn about their influence in specific communities. Three students from the United States, as well as six from Ireland, were chosen. I was so blessed to be a part of this trip, and I hope to use everything I have learned, as well as my firsthand experience, with the class this fall. 



WWW - year 3!

A Way with Words (Tuesdays!) ages 12+ is a creative writing day, but this year we will also incorporate photography & art into our days. In addition to writing from the heart, going with what inspires us, we will also be learning about photography to heighten our visual awareness and imagination.

Oak Meadow Course description:Photography is a relatively new art, less than 200 years old, but one that changes the way we interpret the world around us and, quite simply, the way we see. This course will teach such fundamental concepts as frame, focus, and composition, while also exploring the more interpretive side of photography. Students will complete weekly assignments, getting hands-on experience and a chance to convey their unique vision of the world. Students will also keep a journal and collect ideas, magazine clippings, inspiring images, and some personal writing about their experiences. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of and general familiarity with the camera they choose to use for this class. Either a 35-mm camera (point and-shoot or SLR) or a digital camera is required.


There are writing assignments laced into this curriculum and we will use most of them.  After exploring a variety of materials, I've decided to expand on some writing topics and also add a few of my own ideas.

Our schedule will remain basically the same, with share time and individual writing time built in every week.  We will spend time outdoors every week.

In addition to the camera needed for the class, I'd like each participant to bring a personal journal to be used only for our WWW time. I'll provide other materials as needed, but want everyone to have a special journal/notebook that they've chosen individually.  Any size is fine - as long as it has at least 50 pages or so and is sturdy enough to be carried outside without getting too weathered over the year. Lines or no-lines is fine - up to you:)

All details are the same:

Time: 9:45-2:30

Fee: $40/day (due the first class of each month plus a $25 supply fee/yr.)

Bring a  laptop/tablet, lunch, camera, journal and appropriate outdoor clothing every week. 






Kristen Lofstrom     508 246-8616

  krislofstrom@yahoo.com  Halifax, MA