Welcome to Our Story

Our family’s homeschooling journey began in October of 2008.  Though all three of our children were “doing fine” in the local public school, it simply never felt like the right fit for us.

Fast forward 9 years and it’s been a unique & indescribable experience in so many different ways. We decided early on to take home schooling one year at a time & reevaluate as needed. Over the years, we’ve experienced not only an educational shift, but a complete lifestyle shift as well. The freedom homeschooling provided our family was irresistible and carried into most of our life decisions. Family vacations became exploration opportunities and learning for the sheer fun of it became our way of life.  Our oldest, Olivia, is now a college sophomore and is fond of saying that being homeschooled was a true gift - one that more than prepared her for lifelong learning. Pursuing studies in a Nursing major, she is enthusiastic to be entering a field that requires ongoing growth and exploration.

If asked to categorize our “method” of homeschooling, I’d have to call it eclectic. While the freedom to follow our interests is of utmost importance, we've always covered the basics using a variety of experiences, materials & methods. Each year Anna & Ray choose history topic/s or time period, science concepts or categories and writing, literature & math materials based on his/her interests. Do we always stick with what we’ve chosen? No:) Do we sometimes take twice as long as we thought we needed on some things and half the expected time on others? Yes! Participating in an abundance of co-op days, field trips, activities & now dual enrollment courses makes our time at home treasured & enjoyed.  We are truly always learning - whether at home or out and about enjoying the world.

Recently we’ve had some new additions to our farm - sweet baby goats & 4 wildly entertaining kittens.  Our Alpine dairy goat, Tapestry,  is quite protective of her bouncing offspring! Sixteen chickens also call our barn home.  Our  puppy, Hallie, has never been so busy making new friends & keeping an eye on things:) 

Our story at Once Upon A Farm started 3 years ago and we love sharing it with other homeschooling families. Please turn the pages of our site to see if Once Upon a Farm can serve any of your family’s needs.   

"Kids don't remember what you try to teach them, they remember what you are" Jim Henson


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